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George Foreman First Wife: Adrienne Calhoun

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George Foreman, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion, is known for his incredible career in the ring, successful entrepreneurial ventures, and larger-than-life personality. However, behind the public persona are intriguing aspects of his personal life, including his marriages. One of the lesser-known chapters is about his relationship with his first wife, Adrienne Calhoun. George Foreman’s First wife Adrienne Calhoun.

Meeting and Marriage

George Foreman married Adrienne Calhoun in 1971, during the early stages of his professional boxing career. Foreman was rapidly rising to fame, known for his powerful punches and formidable presence in the boxing ring. The couple’s marriage marked the beginning of Foreman’s journey not only as a boxing star but also as a family man.

Life Together

Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman’s life together was, like many young couples, filled with hopes and dreams. Foreman’s career was demanding, and the pressures of being a top athlete often placed strain on their relationship. Despite the challenges, their marriage saw the birth of Foreman’s first child, a significant milestone in his personal life.

Challenges and Divorce

The marriage between George Foreman and Adrienne Calhoun faced several challenges. Foreman’s intense training and frequent travel for fights meant he spent a lot of time away from home. The fame and public attention that came with his success also added stress to their relationship. Unfortunately, these pressures led to the dissolution of their marriage. The couple divorced in 1974, just three years after tying the knot.

Post-Divorce Lives

After their divorce, both George Foreman and Adrienne Calhoun moved on to new phases in their lives. Foreman’s career continued to soar; he became the World Heavyweight Champion in 1973 and remained a dominant figure in boxing. He later became an ordained minister and a successful businessman, known for his George Foreman Grill.

Adrienne Calhoun, on the other hand, lived a life away from the public eye following their divorce. Details about her life post-divorce are sparse, as she preferred to maintain her privacy.


The marriage between George Foreman and Adrienne Calhoun may have been brief, but it played a crucial role in shaping Foreman’s early adult life. Their relationship, though short-lived, was part of the formative years that saw Foreman transition from a promising young boxer to a global sports icon.

Their story is a reminder of the personal sacrifices and challenges that often accompany life in the spotlight. While Foreman’s later marriages and numerous children (he has been married five times and has 12 children) are more frequently discussed, his first marriage to Adrienne Calhoun remains a significant, though less publicized, chapter in his life.

Early Life of Adrienne Calhoun

Adrienne Calhoun, known primarily as the first wife of legendary heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, led a life that, while less publicized than her famous ex-husband’s, is nonetheless significant. Understanding her early life helps to paint a fuller picture of the woman who stood beside Foreman during the nascent stages of his career.

Early Background and Family

Adrienne Calhoun was born in the United States, though specific details about her birthplace and date remain largely undisclosed. She grew up in an era when traditional family values were deeply ingrained in society, and her upbringing likely reflected these values. Her early years were spent in a typical American household, where she developed the strength and resilience that would later be crucial in her life alongside a rising sports star.

Education and Interests

Calhoun’s educational background, while not extensively documented, provided her with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for adulthood. Like many young women of her time, she would have pursued education in a local school, engaging in activities that were common for her age group. Her interests during her formative years are not widely recorded, but it’s reasonable to assume she had dreams and aspirations, possibly influenced by the cultural and societal trends of her youth.

Meeting George Foreman

Adrienne Calhoun’s life took a significant turn when she met George Foreman. The details of their meeting are not widely publicized, but it likely occurred in the early 1970s when Foreman was emerging as a formidable force in the boxing world. Their meeting led to a whirlwind romance, culminating in their marriage in 1971. At this time, Foreman was on the cusp of becoming a major sports figure, having turned professional just two years prior.

Life as Mrs. George Foreman

Marrying George Foreman meant Adrienne Calhoun was thrust into the limelight. The early 1970s were a period of intense activity for Foreman, and as his spouse, Adrienne experienced the highs and lows of his boxing career. The couple’s life together was marked by the typical challenges faced by young couples, amplified by the demands and pressures of Foreman’s rising fame.

Despite the difficulties, Adrienne played a supportive role in Foreman’s life, contributing to his early stability as he navigated the complex world of professional boxing. Their marriage, though it lasted only three years, saw the birth of their first child, adding the dimension of parenthood to Adrienne’s early adult life.

Post-Divorce Life

After their divorce in 1974, Adrienne Calhoun chose a path away from the public eye. The separation marked a new chapter in her life, one that she preferred to keep private. Details about her life following the divorce are scarce, indicating her desire to lead a life removed from the media frenzy surrounding her famous ex-husband.

Legacy and Reflections

Adrienne Calhoun’s early life and her brief marriage to George Foreman are crucial in understanding the personal history of the boxing legend. While Foreman went on to achieve global fame and success, Adrienne’s role in his life, though short-lived, provided him with personal experiences that undoubtedly shaped his character and resilience.

Her story is a testament to the often unseen contributions of those who stand beside public figures during their formative years. Adrienne Calhoun’s early life, marked by her marriage to George Foreman, remains a poignant chapter in the broader narrative of Foreman’s remarkable journey.

George Foreman’s Dating History

George Foreman, renowned for his illustrious boxing career and later as an entrepreneur, has had a personal life marked by multiple relationships and marriages. Over the years, Foreman has been married five times and has fathered 12 children. Here is a detailed look into his dating and marriage history.

Adrienne Calhoun

Marriage: 1971 – 1974

Adrienne Calhoun was George Foreman’s first wife. They married in 1971, during the early stages of Foreman’s boxing career. Their marriage lasted three years and produced one child. The pressures of Foreman’s rising fame and the demands of his career contributed to their eventual divorce in 1974.

Cynthia Lewis

Marriage: 1977 – 1979

After his divorce from Adrienne Calhoun, Foreman married Cynthia Lewis in 1977. Their marriage was brief and ended in divorce two years later in 1979. Little is publicly known about their relationship or the reasons for their separation.

Sharon Goodson

Marriage: 1981 – 1982

Foreman’s third marriage was to Sharon Goodson in 1981. Like his previous marriages, this union was short-lived, lasting only a year. They divorced in 1982, and details about their relationship remain relatively private.

Andrea Skeete

Marriage: 1982 – 1985

In the same year he divorced Sharon Goodson, Foreman married Andrea Skeete. Their marriage lasted three years, ending in divorce in 1985. This period was significant for Foreman as he was transitioning from his boxing career to other ventures.

Mary Joan Martelly

Marriage: 1985 – Present

Foreman’s longest and current marriage is with Mary Joan Martelly, whom he married in 1985. Their enduring relationship has stood the test of time, spanning nearly four decades. Together, they have five children. Mary Joan has been a supportive partner throughout Foreman’s various career changes, including his comeback to boxing and his successful business ventures.

Children and Family Life

George Foreman is a father to 12 children. He has five sons, all named George (George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI), and seven daughters (Natalie, Leola, Freeda, Michi, Georgetta, Courtney, and Isabella). His naming convention for his sons is unique and a testament to his belief in the importance of his legacy and name.

Relationships and Public Perception

Foreman’s multiple marriages and relationships have often been in the public eye, reflecting the challenges of balancing personal life with a demanding public career. Despite the divorces, Foreman has maintained amicable relationships with his ex-wives, focusing on co-parenting and maintaining family bonds.

Fast Facts About Adrienne Calhoun

  1. Name: Adrienne Calhoun
  2. Marital Status: Divorced from George Foreman
  3. Marriage Duration: 1971 – 1974
  4. Children with George Foreman: One
  5. Known For: Being the first wife of heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman
  6. Marriage and Early Life:
    • He married George Foreman at the height of his early boxing career.
    • The marriage lasted three years, ending in divorce due to the pressures of Foreman’s rising fame and demanding career.
  7. Life Post-Divorce:
    • Chose to live a private life away from the public eye after the divorce.
    • Details about her life following the separation remain largely undisclosed.
  8. Privacy:
    • Has maintained a low profile, with little information available about her current activities or whereabouts.
    • Preferred to keep her personal life private, avoiding media attention.
  9. Legacy:
    • Played a supportive role during the formative years of George Foreman’s boxing career.
    • Part of Foreman’s early life experiences shaped his personal and professional journey.
  10. Current Status: Not publicly documented; whereabouts and current life activities remain private.

These facts highlight Adrienne Calhoun’s role in the early life of George Foreman while emphasizing her preference for privacy in her personal life.

Wrapping Up: Adrienne Calhoun

Adrienne Calhoun, known for being the first wife of boxing legend George Foreman, remains a private figure in contrast to her famous ex-husband. Their marriage, though brief, occurred during a pivotal time in Foreman’s life as he ascended to the heights of his boxing career. Despite the pressures and challenges that led to their divorce in 1974, Adrienne played a significant role in Foreman’s early adult years, providing support during the formative stages of his journey.

Following their separation, Adrienne chose to live a life away from the public spotlight. Foreman quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world, known for his formidable punching power and imposing physical presence.

Her story is a reminder of the often-overlooked individuals who support and stand beside public figures, contributing to their personal and professional lives.

George Foreman’s Early Life and Background

George Foreman, born on January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas, USA, has a compelling early life story that laid the foundation for his eventual rise to fame as a heavyweight boxing champion and beyond.

Early Years and Childhood

  1. Family Background: George Foreman was born to J.D. Foreman and Nancy Foreman. He was one of seven children growing up in a modest household in Marshall, Texas. His father worked as a railroad worker while his mother took care of the household.
  2. Tough Childhood: Foreman’s early life was marked by financial struggles and challenges. His family lived in a tough neighborhood, and Foreman experienced hardship and deprivation during his formative years.
  3. School and Early Interests: As a young boy, Foreman was known for his physical size and strength even at an early age. He attended Carver High School in Houston, Texas, where he first showed an interest in boxing. However, his delinquent behavior caused him to drop out of school at the age of 15.

Turning Point: Boxing Career

  1. Beginnings in Boxing: Foreman started boxing as a way to channel his aggression and stay out of trouble. He joined the Job Corps in 1965, where he began to box seriously under the guidance of a counselor who recognized his potential.
  2. Early Success: Foreman quickly demonstrated his talent in the ring, winning the gold medal in the heavyweight division at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. This victory catapulted him into the spotlight and set the stage for his professional career.

Professional Career and Legacy

  1. Rise to the Top: George Foreman turned professional shortly after the Olympics and embarked on a rapid ascent through the heavyweight ranks.
  2. World Heavyweight Champion: In 1973, Foreman achieved his career-defining moment by knocking out Joe Frazier to become the World Heavyweight Champion. His dominant victories and fierce fighting style made him a feared competitor in the ring.
  3. Personal Challenges: Despite his success in boxing, Foreman encountered personal challenges, including multiple marriages and divorces, which sometimes overshadowed his professional achievements.

Later Years and Beyond Boxing

  1. Retirement and Comeback: After retiring from boxing in 1977, Foreman embarked on a spiritual journey that led him to become an ordained minister. However, in 1987, he surprised the world by returning to the ring at the age of 38.
  2. Entrepreneurial Success: Beyond boxing, Foreman gained widespread fame as the face of the George Foreman Grill, a highly successful line of indoor electric grills. His business acumen and endorsement deals made him a household name beyond the realm of sports.
  3. Philanthropy and Community Work:  Throughout his life, George Foreman has actively participated in various philanthropic efforts, supporting youth programs, and advocating for social causes.


1. Who is Adrienne Calhoun?

  • Adrienne Calhoun was the first wife of heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman. They were married from 1971 to 1974.

2. How long were Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman married?

  • They were married for approximately three years, from 1971 to 1974.

3. Did Adrienne Calhoun have children with George Foreman?

  • Yes, Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman had one child together during their marriage.

4. What happened to Adrienne Calhoun after her divorce from George Foreman?

  • After their divorce in 1974, Adrienne Calhoun chose to live a private life away from the public eye. There is limited information available about her life post-divorce.

5. Where is Adrienne Calhoun now?

  • The public does not know details about Adrienne Calhoun’s current whereabouts and activities. She has maintained a low profile and prefers privacy.

6. What is Adrienne Calhoun known for?

  • Primarily, people know Adrienne Calhoun as George Foreman’s first wife during his early boxing career.

7. Did Adrienne Calhoun appear in public or media after her divorce?

  • No, Adrienne Calhoun has not sought public attention or appeared in media since her divorce from George Foreman.

8. Why did Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman divorce?

  • Public sources do not extensively document the reasons for their divorce. However, many people commonly understand that the pressures of Foreman’s rising fame and demanding career contributed to their separation.


Adrienne Calhoun’s role in the life of George Foreman, though brief, remains a significant part of his personal history. As his first wife during the early years of his boxing career, Adrienne provided support during a crucial period of Foreman’s rise to fame. Their marriage, albeit ending in divorce, contributed to Foreman’s personal growth and development.

Following their separation, Adrienne Calhoun chose to lead a private life, away from the public eye. Her decision to maintain privacy underscores her desire for personal autonomy and highlights the importance of respecting individuals’ choices regarding their personal lives. Although the public does not know Adrienne Calhoun’s current whereabouts and activities, her legacy still intertwines with the broader narrative of George Foreman’s remarkable journey.

Her story serves as a reminder of the often unseen contributions and sacrifices of those who stand beside public figures during their formative years.

Ultimately, Adrienne Calhoun’s story showcases resilience and quiet strength, shaping paths beyond initial associations, and navigating life’s challenges. Please Visit World Fame Magazine for more details.